An area of flooded field beside the river Meden, located next to Budby Pumping Station just off Netherfield Lane, between Budby Village and Meden Vale. Parking possible on the pumping station lane, but please park sensibly on grass verges or at the end of the lane.

A good (if small) wetland habitat. Often large numbers of common ducks (gadwall, mallard, tufted) can be joined by less common species such as shoveler or pintail. Mud scrapes along the banks can hold waders, such as common snipe. Buzzards are a regular sight over the surrounding fields, and osprey are often seen on passage, occasionally summering in the area. Kingfishers also frequent the area.



This country park comprises of woodland, parkland and a large lake. A wide variety of species can be found in the woodland, including willow tit, marsh tit and the highly elusive hawfinch and lesser spotted woodpecker. The best spot for hawfinch is around the car park at the Abbey end. They are much easier to spot in winter when the trees are bare.

The lake holds large numbers of wildfowl, mostly tufted ducks, mallards, and canada and greylag geese. Rarer ducks can appear, such as red-crested pochard. Kingfisher and great crested grebe are resident, and goosander often winter.



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